Dual Intel Xeon

A dedicated server can offer less overhead and a larger return on investment !


Intel Xeon

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2.66 GHz Servers

Servers this week began offering an on-demand keyboard, video, mouse over IP service that gives customers access to their servers. Available for daily rental, the remote control system allows a user to view and manage his server’s contents using a computer keyboard. Rapid growth a story of creativity innovation. The world`s leading dedicated server hosting provider, with over 20,000 Linux and Windows servers under management. Expanded its line of products to include Linux and Microsoft Windows dedicated server hosting. Or tell us what you’d like to accomplish and we’ll build a server or a private rack system just for you. Servers will continue providing hosting services to its current customer base of over Dual Intel Xeon servers. The team discussed nearly every aspect of business, and after also talking with a number of long time clients.

The right Servers for the right websites.

Proven through years of professional production usage, Dual Intel is considered the industry leader for managing dedicated and shared server environments. Currently we manage through the platform and will also offer an integrated reseller interface for domain names, SSL certificates and website builder software. We are excited that such a prominent hosting provider has distinguished as the preferred control panel for our customers. Servers believes that it is the only dedicated hosting provider that currently offers the service. Web Host reported that the number of websites hosted on the Windows platform. We`re delighted to be a part of the great tradition Servers began offering domain registrations on this pricing is the lowest available worldwide. Using a strategic combination of proprietary and commercial system. Join us for a preview of our new offerings. In addition the site features Turnkey Solutions that allow the Customer to build robust and scalable hosting solutions that are big enough, strong enough and just generally.

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